Hi! This is my first Half-life 2 Deathmatch map. The name BoatRush tells that there are of course boats :) Boats don't have guns, they're for changing locations quickly. Unfortunately, the boats don't harm the player on hit because they were planned to use only in single player mode.

Here's a few details of the map:

There is a big tower in the middle of the map. Downstairs, you'll find a shotgun, in the middle floor there is a crossbow and on the top there is a RPG. In the top floor you'll have good sight in every direction but remember.. you'll be a good target there too.

Map also contais a few boats and many other weapons scattered around the place. A big tree in the water hides a RPG, from cargo container you'll find weapons, armor and other goods, remember to check the little storage shed on the island too.. but be careful!

Water is deep enough to swim and hide from snipers and rocketeers. For more fun and manipulator usage, lots of exploding barrels are also placed around the map.

Check out these screenshots and give it a try yourself!

OUTWARDS: Day One, Half-life 1 singleplayer modification.

* Story *

You are a Gordon Freeman in a time after deciding to take the chance, which G-man offered to you. First he commanded you to carry unidentified materials for researching to Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. You arrive to laboratory and there should be someone to receive you, but you see nobody and hear only blowing wind. Something makes you think there has happened an accident or something like that again. You decide to take a little look around...

* Installation *

Be sure you installed this mod to \Half-life\outwards folder.

* Uninstallation *

Remove \Half-life\outwards folder.

* System requirements *

Pentium 166MHZ or compatible, 32MB RAM, Half-Life installed, free diskspace for Outwards (28MB).

Pentium II 400MHZ or better prosessor, 64MB RAM, Direct 3D of OpenGL compatible display adapter.

* How to play *

Run Half-Life, click custom game, select Outwards and click activate, then select new game and choose skill level.

* Construction *

Base :From scratch.
Build time :Too long...
# of bsp's :8
Editor(s) used :Worldcraft 3.3
Compile&build machine(s):Thunderbird 1200MHZ, 384MB RAM, GeForce2MX & Duron 700MHZ, 256MB RAM, RivaTNT2 M64

Check out these screenshots from Outwards!

Here you can download my maps:


A Half-Life 2 Deathmatch map. My first (and only ;) ) Half-Life 2 map at the moment.

click here to download this file!

Outwards -Half-Life 1 singleplayer mod:

A Half-Life 1 singleplayer mod with 8 maps. Contains some new textures and sounds. Not very easy.

click here to download the Outwards!
click here to download info file of the Outwards!

There are also some my old maps:

Quake: Torni and Stronghold - Torni and Stronghold deathmatch maps. Ideal for 2-3 players.

Quake 2: Fragma - screenshot of Fragma. Works very fine with bots!

Quake 2: Tube - screenshot of Tube.

Half-Life DM: xCountry - screenshot of xCounty. Works very fine with bots!

CS de_linna: de_linna - screenshot of de_linna.

CS de_storage: de_storage - screenshot of de_storage.

Check out my Elastomania level too!

Elastomania: Demon speed

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